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Baldwin Family Farms

The First Restaurant of Its Kind
In Myrtle Beach

Barons Steaks Veggies
Featuring Natural Grass Fed Organically Raised Beef Vegetarian Entrees

All of us at Barons know that, “You are what you eat. This is why we have created a menu that is not only delicious, but healthy as well.

The purpose of our restaurant is to serve you fresh food that you can enjoy with the satisfying knowledge that you are eating whole foods high in vitamins, minerals, fibers and protein.

We serve the finest beef available. Raised in the pristine rolling hills of the Carolinas, our beef comes from Baldwin Family Farms they raise only the finest Charolais beef. Baldwin beef is a “new standard of beef in both quality and flavor.”

All natural and organically fed, you could say their steers are vegetarians - because they are! They are naturally fed on grass pastures without hormones, antibiotics, steroids or chemical preservatives. Naturally lean, they are perfect for low carb and healthy eaters.

Baldwin's Charolais beef contains high amounts of Omega 3’s and CLA fatty acids which both help to fight disease.

At Barons, we serve real vegetarian entrees, not just salads. Our vegetarian entrees change with the seasons. Organic when possible, we showcase the freshest and most delicious locally grown produce.
In addition we carry locally brewed handcrafted organic beers that have received rave reviews. Just ask our wait staff about our beer selections. We also serve fine wines and organic wines to compliment any meal. Don’t forget to save room for some of our delicious desserts.

We hope that you enjoy our menu and that you will come back often and bring your friends.
We wish you a healthy appetite!